Our Expertise

Our Expertise

A collective passion


Lagoon catamarans are the result of a blend of talents. Talents from the CNB teams, one of the most respected shipyards in the superyacht industry, and those from Bénéteau Group, the world leader in leisure boat construction. With confirmed production methods, controlled costs, certified quality, Lagoon's expertise combines attention to detail, creativity and industrial rigour.

Deck and hull structures are infused and vacuum injected; a process which guaranties weight-saving, better quality composites and a protected, lessened environmental impact. The furniture is manufactured by Lagoon in a high-tech cabinetmaking workshop, equipped with digitally controlled machines, with computerised identification of parts and pre-assembly before final mounting. All of the furniture panels are made of reconstituted wood: Alpi®, an eco-responsible policy, allowing a wide range of shapes with high quality, long lasting handcrafted finishes.

The Lagoon teams have been committed to the development of renewable energy for many years, namely in 2008, with the launch of the Lagoon 420 Hybrid, equipped with two electric engines. This approach explains the use of solar panels, which have been tested and selected for their reliability and durability, and also reduces the risk of programmed obsolescence, regarding material and equipment installed on board.

As can be seen with the care put into interior design, which is entrusted to Nauta Design combined with VPLP Design's work on the exterior, Lagoon's expertise resides in the quality work and commitment of its teams. Lagoon's policy is that communication helps enhance construction processes and stimulate innovation.

Yacht design should only favor durable, functional , and proven solutions inspired by the best of technological innovations. With the only limitations being reliant on good seamanship, building reliable and safe catamarans means they need to be elegant, fast, and easy to steer. This elegance transpires from meticulous design details. Sometimes individually imperceptible, combining the basic favorable yacht design attributes with cohesion, function, and aesthetics leads to what we have today. 


This could not occur without the teamwork of the naval and interior design architects, with whom we have been collaborating with from the beginning. They are among the best in the world and have consistently provided us with unmatched artistic talent and  technical expertise. They follow alongside us from the conception to the construction of each yacht.


This yard, a new generation Bénéteau Group production site, is entirely dedicated to the construction of Lagoon the catamarans ranging from 38 to 45 feet.

Lagoon Catamarans
Parc Actipôle Est

Visit the yard of  Belleville-sur-vie.


Located along the Garonne River, the CNB Bordeaux site, which spreads over 100 000 m², including 44 000 m² of covered areas, handles the construction of "large" Lagoon yachts (50' and over), as well as superyachts, which launched CNB yacht builders to become internationally renowned.

Lagoon Catamarans
162 Quai de Brazza
33000 BORDEAUX - France

Visit the yard of Bordeaux.

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