The art of comfort

The art of comfort

A new dimension of tranquility

One could sum up Lagoon's philosophy in three words: elegance, conviviality, safety. Three priorities that Nauta Design's creations are based on. "When we draw the interior of a Lagoon, we aim to optimize the layout of space, while retaining a sober, luminous and comfortable atmosphere.

Mario Pedol, co-founder with Massimo Gino of the famous Italian design studio, explains. We favor continuous horizontal lines, so as to emphasize the perception of more harmonious and fluid open spaces, in which geometric precision blends with warm materials."

Continuity between interior and exterior, direct and indirect lighting, ergonomics, harmonious proportions, warm atmosphere and spaciousness, Lagoons yachts were the first to value the lifestyle on board a catamaran. Today, they remain a reference.

Comfort is also synonymous with safety. All Lagoon catamarans conform to EEC standards, in terms of catamaran unsinkability. The fore and aft compartments of each hull are separated from the living area by watertight bulkheads.

The materials used, as well as the absence of ballast, reinforce this unsinkability property: even when a shock occurs, a Lagoon can still sail. The Lagoon design department also deals with the conception of fresh and salt-water circuits, as well as electrical installations, their creed founded on reliability and the respect of European standards, even exceeding those on numerous levels.

At the aft of each hull, the engine compartments are soundproofed with high-density foam. Removed from the living areas for more discretion, they remain fully accessible.

"A Lagoon is conceived from the interior to the exterior", explains Patrick le Quément. This famous designer spent 42 years in the automotive industry and currently collaborates with VPLP Design, the exclusive Lagoon naval architect.

"Once retired, I preferred to challenge myself, instead of becoming a trophy!" He does the upstream work on the quality of space layout, right from the first drafts. "The team has replaced solitary genius, said Enzo Ferrari. I adopted this idea”. So Nauta, VPLP and the Lagoon engineers joined forces to create interiors suitable for long cruises with family or friends.

These shared outlooks lead to open-mindedness and innovation. Advances in eco-sourcing of materials, weight-saving, more reliable equipment - the Product Lagoon Team, like VPLP, also imagine sailing navigation accessible to all, by replacing the sails with an automated wing, which would completely transform sailing boats' ergonomics. Until the next phase, comfort on board remains a priority, as can be seen with the advances in design and ergonomics of the latest models.

"A sailing boat is the most elegant means of transport conceivable", declared Mario Pedol, of Nauta Yacht Design. Each day, Lagoon's teams endeavor to confirm the pertinence of his view.

Nauta Yacht Design

Created in 1985 by Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino, Nauta Yachts was first a shipyard that built sailing boats from 15 to 20 meters, renowned for the timeless elegance of their lines.

From 1994, the two men focused their skills on designing boats, which brought them acknowledgement. Their device? "A yacht must be an object of extreme beauty that continues to give pleasure to the onlooker, over time".

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