Sailing a catamaran

Many of our customers have switched from a monohull boat, whereas the opposite is rarely the case.
It's true, once a cruise yacht lover has sampled the incomparable comfort, space, ergonomics, safety and simplicity (of living and manoeuvring, for example) afforded aboard a catamaran, there are not many who would go back to sailing a monohull, nor to the amount of heeling when sailing close-hauled.

So, the catamaran certainly has quite a few qualities in its favour, and we think the owners themselves are the best people to talk about this, since, with each new voyage, they are the ones that experience the difference.

" What are the advantages of a catamaran? "
Multihulls Mag asked its readers to answer this question:
We generally sail as a two-person crew, so a boat that is easy to manoeuvre is a huge plus.
I love sailing flat, especially in heavy weather, it feels so much safer
Our boat layout was designed for a couple. The deck layout was great for manoeuvring and for relaxing, the steering station was really well designed, and the cockpit was so big, we could have practically fitted a ping-pong table in there!
You can live aboard very comfortably for 2 weeks (or forever?), and it took us to the most beautiful sailing region in the world, the west coast of Scotland!
The stability (no more heeling!!), the speed (not all, but mine are all fast!), the quality of life aboard whether at sea or at anchor, safety, the reduced draught and the ease of manoeuvring.
Performance that means you can avoid bad weather if necessary, unequalled comfort and a reduced draught that means you can anchor in extraordinary places.
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If you are not that familiar with catamarans, or even with sailing in general, the Lagoon distribution network will provide support at the time you take delivery of your boat, and your distributor can spend a few days with you for a full handover.
Catamaran training solutions

Lagoon has selected NauticEd, an internationally recognized sailing education and certification company based in the USA to serve our Catamaran customers.

NauticEd uses an interactive eLearning platform with online and iPad based sailing courses. The courses, when combined with online testing and an electronic logbook of practical sailing experience, form a valid sailing certification accepted by yacht charter companies worldwide.

Specifically, the NauticEd Catamaran Sailing Confidence Course serves up powerful monohull to catamaran conversion knowledge. By taking and passing the course you will feel confident that you will enjoy sailing and manoeuvring your Lagoon Catamaran.

NauticEd, has already won the approval of tens of thousands of students from 90 countries. Additionally many sailing schools worldwide are adopting the NauticEd standard because of the accessibility and demand from today’s digitally aware customers.

Club Lagoon has joined forces with NauticEd. Club Lagoon’s members can take the catamaran sailing course for free (offer exclusively reserved for Club Lagoon members).

Learn to Sail at NauticEd: http://www.nauticed.org/