Experience and innovation

Some choices sometimes seem immutable at Lagoon: for example, the choice of working with VPLP architects, the world’s most successful naval architects in multihull racing, or that of fixed keels rather than daggerboards for simplicity, ease of beaching and safety in case of impact. However, each new Lagoon model offers often major innovations to make cruising even more enjoyable. Here are some examples.

2015 - 7MA

‘‘You didn’t think we would tell you all about it?’’

2014 - 630 MY by Lagoon

The return of Lagoon to the motor yacht market.

2014 - 40 MY by Lagoon

Excellent fuel efficiency, long range cruising capacity and outstanding stability: The 40 MY is a truly multipurpose boat, whether for coastal discoveries or a long distance program.

2014 - Lagoon 560 S2

The S2 version offers an additional choice of layouts which are unequalled for this size of catamaran: up to 5 fully independent cabins and the choice between a galley in the port hull or as a center island.

2013 - Lagoon 39

The Lagoon new generation with a mast pushed back aft for more comfort, performance and ease of handling.

2013 - Lagoon 52

The big sister adds luxury to the inventiveness of the Lagoon 39.

2010 - Lagoon 450

First cooperation between Lagoon and Nauta Design: bringing a new dimension to interior design and comfort.

2009 - Lagoon 620

Luxurious, seaworthy, fast, the Lagoon 620 is the “big” modern Lagoon’s archetype… With more than 60 boats delivered, she’s a world champion in her category.

2006 - Lagoon 420 Hybrid

Innovation…a little too early?

2004 - Lagoon 440

The Flybridge (‘‘it’ll never work!’’), the gull wing bridge deck and the large hull portholes.

2000 - Lagoon POWER

Lagoon’s first venture into the motor yacht world.

1999 - Lagoon 380

Engines in the aft compartments: silence in the cabins and easy manoeuvres thanks to the propellers positioned behind the rudders.

1997 - Lagoon 410

Vertical windows: light, maximising the space, and suppression of the magnifying glass effect.